Saturday, 26 November 2011

Email Response to FAQ

I've gotten a few emails from people (obviously from people, animals don't write me emails. There might have been one from a chimp, as they are very smart, but don't really care about grammar and spelling....)

Anyway, I've received some emails from people asking what exactly it is I do.  So instead of responding directly to each email, (which I will do anyway, don't you worry. Probably with a link to this post) I've decided to write a little bit about it.

Top Question:

Q: How are you able to blog at work? Don't you get in trouble?
A: You would think so, but no.  Because I work evenings, it gets really quiet around here.  As long as we (the front line people) are not causing turmoil in the office, and as long as the customers that do call in are taken care of, we are able to do our own thing.

Disclaimer: Check with your boss or your supervisor before doing something online not work related. Different companies have different policies, and while I'm sure I have inspired many of you to blog about your daily lives, I certainly don't want you risking your jobs over it.

Q: Do you only blog at work?
A: No, sometimes something funny will happen to me while I'm at home.  If I can spare a minute from the demands of home life, I'll blog about it.  But time is constrained between, getting child ready for school, and surfing the Internet. Sometimes I'll read a book, and that always takes some time.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: I think about things to blog about. It's a surprising amount of work to come up with funny topics.  I'll be having random conversations and think "I have to blog this."  But something shiny will distract me, and I'll forget all about the funny thing that happened.  I also play video games. Yes, I'm a girl and a gamer.  We do exist.

Q: What do you watch on TV?
A: We don't actually have TV. We have a television, it's hooked up to an Xbox and a Wii, but we don't have channels that provide anything but static.  I haven't had TV in years, and I really don't miss it. Even when I worked at a TV company, I didn't have TV. 

Please keep the emails coming, I get so excited when new emails arrive!

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