Saturday, 26 November 2011

Working Part Time

I recently started working part time. This was brand new for me. Never in all my life did I have a part time job.

Part time hobbies, part time pets, for a while I was even a part time parent due to custody arrangements, but a part time job?  Not for me.

I like to work. I like deadlines, and I like pressure, and I like organizing my day.

In July, I went from full time, to part time, to accommodate my daughter's upcoming school schedule.

I work three days a week. Evenings. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  In fact you will likely notice a correlation between my working days and the days blogs get posted.  It's not a coincidence. I blog at work.

The most difficult part of this full time to part time transition, is other people.

It confuses me completely how difficult it is for other people to remember when I work.  It's only three days. Two of them you probably work as well, plus Saturday.

Family will call to invite us over for a dinner:
"It's on Saturday from 5:00pm on, it took me forever to get this all planned."
"Yeah.... I work on Saturdays. I've worked on Saturdays for months now."

Friends want to go out:
"A bunch of us are going to the movie/pub/club/bowling on Saturday around 7:00."
"Remember how I told you I work on Saturdays?"

Birthday Parties for friends or their kids:
"I planned child's birthday party for the zoo from 1-3 on Saturday."
"I've been working Saturdays for almost six months now."

I even had it posted on my facebook page, for weeks in a row.  But that didn't stop the invites, and the shock and disappointment when I couldn't attend.

It's Saturday. I'm at work. Which is why you get to see new blogs.

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