Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Why I Decided to Blog

I've never blogged before, but I'm pretty opinionated, so it seemed like a natural progression. 

We were having a discussion - yes, still at work - about why people cheat on other people.  Co-worker 1 says he has a friend that could talk his way out of any situation where is he was caught cheating on his girlfriend.

I should back track. 

This all started because something had come up about one of my ex boyfriends.  He and I met shortly after I moved into a basement suite.  This suite had only a tiny little bar fridge, so my sister put an add online, and he responded.  He even drove 3 hours from out of town to deliver this fridge.

We kept emailing back and forth, he came back into town and we went out.

One thing led to another, and we started dating. He was only able to get into town periodically, but that didn't matter to me. 

11 months later, a friend of mine wanted to see a picture, so I tried to pull up his profile on her smart phone, I found one that looked vaguely like him, but the image was small, so I said I would look it up later and send it to her.

Well I found it. Right along with his second profile.  Sadly for him (and I guess for me too) he didn't have this profile secured.  So due to the freedom of point and click, I was able to find out all about this man I thought I knew so well.

Apparently he left out the part where he was married! with a BABY on the way!

So I did what any other girl would do after finding out the man she thought she loved was married with a whole other life.  I linked to her profile, also not secured.

Funnily enough, she had her personal contact information available. So I called her.

I told her who I was, and why I was calling. Her response?

"You aren't the first, and you probably won't be the last."


Evidently she had  no problem with the fact that her new husband and father of her child was a cheating liar. In fact she EXPECTED this behaviour from him.  Which is probably exactly why he does it.  It all became very clear why they were together.

What hurt the most was that in the entire 11 months we were together, he didn't slip once.  I had no reason to suspect that there was anything going on. No reason at all.

Why did this come up at work? you may wonder.  I received a call from him, apparently he does business with our company.

After four years, this is something I can look back on and laugh about. We all thought it was pretty funny, and I decided to share it.  We can't figure out why people do the things they do, or what motivates them to strive for the cake while licking the beaters.  Maybe some day, someone, some where, will turn that mixer right back on mid-lick.  We can only hope.

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