Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Post Christmas Contentment

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to sit back and relax. Probably take some time to digest the massive amounts of food that most of us consumed over the last few days, and prepare for any New Year’s Eve plans we may have.
That is, unless you are like every other person in this city of one million.
Then it’s time to shop.  Shop, shop, shop.
There’s no time to enjoy the gifts that were received, we have to go out and spend money on other stuff.  I mean, those holiday sales won’t last forever.
I’m not condemning it. I got gift cards for Christmas too, and frankly some of the deals that are out there this week are just too good to pass up. 
I went shopping with The Man yesterday. We had received several gift certificates and wanted to take advantage of the amazing bargains. We spent several hours wandering around the mall, being pushed around by other frantic shoppers.
We went to the stores that we didn’t have time to go to before Christmas, maybe get something for next year. We went to the stores we had gift cards for.  We looked in the stores that we wouldn’t normally shop in. We went to familiar stores and looked at things we’ve always just put off or said we would get ‘next time’. We walked and walked through store after store.
And we came home with nothing. 
Aside from lunch at a truck stop because they make the best club sandwiches in the entire world, we didn’t spend anything. We didn’t even get fancy coffees which is really unusual because we get coffee all the time.
I have to admit I was very sad. A whole bunch of family members gave us an opportunity to spend their money on stuff we wouldn’t normally buy for ourselves and we still came home empty handed.
But don’t worry, we’ll try again. And again, and again, until we spend the money, get the best deals and make sure we top up on that holiday shopping cheer. We have to make sure we have enough to remind us why we avoid Christmas shopping to begin with.
Tomorrow I go shopping with Sister.

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