Friday, 23 December 2011

Random Incident

This is an actual text conversation between me and The Man the other day while I was at work.

Me: I love you. SOOOO much!

The Man: .... how come? (nice eh?)

Me: Cause you're awesome.

The Man: I love you soooo much too.

Me: I am extremely happy that you used the same number of "o"s as I did.  It's okay that you didn't use an exclamation mark. I know how you feel about them. I even limited myself to one*. Just for you.

Me: SEE how much I love you?

The Man: LOL

Me: Can I buy a llama?


*The Man feels that multiple exclamation marks are silly.  I feel that if I use four of them, it means that I am four times as excited about the sentence than if I had only used a period. And even though I was exceptionally excited about my sentence and pretty much everything else happening around me that evening, I restrained myself because that's what you do for people you love.

I didn't end up buying a llama because the website was far too complicated and I had a very limited attention span that evening.  Also, even though it was a charity thing that I was trying to support they wouldn't have given me a tax receipt because I am Canadian. And while it isn't about the tax receipt, it would be nice to get one that says "Thank you for your purchase of a llama".

I did however find e-cards on the same site and I sent three of those, but only two made it to the recipients, which made me sad, but I didn't pay for the cards.

I feel I won.

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