Saturday, 3 December 2011

Brain Battle. I lost. Or did I...?

I was up late the other night, very late, really, really very late, and all I could think about was maintaining my funniness levels.  I had this entire internal dialogue going with my brain about how staying up late would or would not help my blogging abilities.
Me: What if people stop thinking I’m funny, and they determine I don’t deserve to have webspace.
Brain: Your pages hits are getting higher every day, I don’t think that is the case.
Me: But what if I’m having an off day and I write something no one thinks is funny?
Brain: Has that happened yet?
Me: No, but it could happen.
Brain: We can figure it out tomorrow, it’s time to sleep.
Me: No, I have to figure this all out now.
Brain: It’s 2:30 in the morning, seriously?
Me: When else would I think about it?
Brain: I don’t know, maybe during the day like normal people.
Me: Have you met me?
Brain: Way off the point. It’s late, time to sleep.
Me: Can’t sleep, I have to think about this now.
Brain: You can think about that in the morning. Now we sleep.
Me: No, in the morning I have to think about getting Child ready for school.
Brain: Okay, think about it when she is at school.
Me: No, then I have to think about other stuff. Right now is the ONLY time I can think about this.
Brain: Is not.
Me: Is too.
Brain: No, it’s really not. You need to get sleep.  Do you think you’ll be able to produce anything anyone will want to read if you deprive me of sleep?
Me: Maybe.
Brain: No, you won’t. I’ll be too tired to make coherent sentences.
Me: Maybe people think that’s funny.
Brain: Unlikey. I’m shutting down now, good luck thinking about anything without me.
Me: Don’t go yet…! We need to think about this!
Brain: Muahahahaha…. Zzzzzzz
Turns out, you really do need your brain to cooperate in order to get anything done. Especially when it involves a lot of thinking stuff. 
Also turns out my brain was pretty serious about not helping me that night, after the brain shut off, the subconscious kicked in and I had to endure dreams about people hating me for not being funny.
Maybe subconscious and brain are working together to teach me a lesson, but really I doubt that'll work. In the end, I just ended up with one more thing to write about. So maybe I did win after all.

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